Google Image Search of ‘Jake Arrieta’s Butt’ Yields Interesting Results

I don’t often objectify other men, but when I do, I objectify Jake Arrieta. Well, actually, it was someone else on Twitter who should be blamed for the objectification and subsequent roping-in of yours truly. I’ll not stoop to throwing said friend under the bus, but she knows who she is and her deep shame is punishment enough.

Then again, I’m reasonable sure there’s zero shame in her game over this, nor should there be. I say this because the results of the above Google search were too hilariously awesome to feel bad about. I’m sure there are innumerable bad jokes to made about how yours truly ended up here, but I’ll leave those to the rest of you.

Below is perhaps the most incongruous group of images one could imagine, which only serves to increase the level of awesomeness. I mean, even more than having my mug included already provided. This has given me no small amount of entertainment, and for that I am thankful.



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