We Are Good: Miguel Montero Creates new Cubs Slogan

Committed. Let’s Go. It’s Gonna Happen. The Cubs have had enough little slogans over the years to choke a horse. Bad for the horse, but good for me since I’m becoming somewhat adept when it comes to beating dead ones. This is all metaphorically speaking, of course, as I’d prefer not to have PETA hunting me down.

I’ve spoken and written more than once about this Cubs team’s little spark of je ne sais quoi, for lack of a better term. I say “I don’t know what” because “fun” doesn’t seem like quite enough to properly encompass all the little facets of the group Epstoyer has assembled.

No man better exemplifies what I’m talking about with more accurately or succinctly than new addition Miguel Montero, a man whose forays in social media are the perfect combination of confident and playful. His loose grasp of proper English is disarmingly funny but the underlying message has teeth nonetheless.

Such was the case with tweets that bookended Sunday’s loss to the Padres — and that got some folks a little fired up in the process. I’ll leave it to you to research the fallout, but Miggy’s words are below.

First, I want one of those shirts. Second, I love Montero’s style here. For too long, despite the party reputation of Wrigley Field and Cubs fans in general, the team itself has been a bit staid. There’s always been this air of self-importance about the ballclub that runs contrary to what a lot of fans want to see.

But those of you who are active on social media have no doubt seen a change in the old ways, whether it’s with the @Cubs Twitter handle itself or those of the various farm teams (@SBCubs and @smokiesbaseball are fantastic). Now you’ve got Montero spreading the gospel of #wearegood.

And even if the Cubs themselves weren’t involved at all, I think the national media campaigns that both Adidas and Red Bull have put together for Kris Bryant have dovetailed nicely with this new image. They’re self-aware and irreverent but are also fun without being mean-spirited.

I’m sorry if I’m getting all Rovellian here, but I’m not trying to determine the amount of additional revenue the #Cubs can make from this new #BrandingStrategy. I just appreciate that the organization appears to finally be undoing its top button and loosening its tie just a little bit.

You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think psychology plays a big role in success, and the Cubs have had their collective sphincter clenched so tightly for so long, it’s a wonder they’ve not yet produced a diamond. And even if they did, good luck finding an actual bathroom in which to pass it.

Am I reading too much into this whole thing? Probably. But I still can’t help but feel as though innocuous little stuff like this is part of the process of the Cubs getting better. While it might not necessarily be a contributor to success, it’s a byproduct at the very least.

Look at me; I’m sitting here trying to ascribe greater meaning to Miguel Montero’s tweets. But I do think there’s something to this whole “fun” thing. Then again, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Either way, if Montero’s right and #wearegood, maybe those cigars will be of the victory variety before long.

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