Evan Altman, Editor, Lead writer evan

Altman spent his formative years watching Cubs baseball, playing various sports, and trying to get girls to like him as more than just a friend. All of these led to constant frustration and disappointment. He attended Hanover College, where he pursued an English degree and earned the Meese Literary Award, given to the student most likely to succeed in creative writing. After spending roughly a dozen years not living up to that honor, Altman was spurred to write again and contributed on a freelance basis to Yahoo Sports before joining and eventually taking over Cubs Insider. He is also a contributor to The Cauldron, part of Sports Illustrated. His dry sarcasm and vast knowledge of obscure pop culture is frequently on display as he works through his nature as a self-loathing Cubs apologist.

unnamed (5)Todd Johnson

During the day, Todd teaches US and World History in a small town in northern Illinois. As a Cubs fan, his first baseball memories are of Ernie, Billy, and Fergie, and drinking Frescas while his dad drank Old Style along the third base line in Wrigley. Baseball cards, Strat-O-Matic, Ryne Sandberg, and fantasy baseball eventually followed. The summer of 2015 will find him spending most of his days watching the South Bend Cubs throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes.


Drew Brown

Living almost literally in the shadow of Wrigley Field, Drew spends far too much time reading, writing, and thinking about the Cubs. To pay for his apartment, utilities, and MLB.TV subscription, he produces and writes for non-profit and church organizations. Non-baseball interests include Disney, comedy, baseball, creativity, faith, psychology, and film. He hopes you have a nice day.


unnamed (5)Nate Schmidt

I am a Hoosier that has loved the Cubs ever since seeing my first game on WGN at my Grandma’s house when I was 5 or 6. My Grandma and I would go over the box scores in the paper every morning and that was my first step into baseball stats. I love advanced metrics and the narrative they can provide about a player. In my non-free time I am Technology Specialist in a K-12 setting in a rural Indiana town. I graduated from Ball State University in ’04…Chirp Chirp!