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Cubs’ Hardest Hit Balls of the Week in GIFs (4/10-4/16)

Continuing the idea from last week, I wanted to keep tracking the five highest exit velocities of the past week in Cubs baseball. Starting with number five, we’ll work our way to the hardest-hit ball of the week.

5. Anthony Rizzo – 4/13 vs LAD

  • Exit Velocity: 105.2 MPH
  • Result: Home Run

4. Anthony Rizzo – 4/15 vs PIT

  • Exit Velocity: 108.8
  • Result: Single

3. Anthony Rizzo – 4/15 vs PIT

  • Exit Velocity: 108.9 MPH
  • Result: Double

2. Addison Russell – 4/13 vs LAD

  • Exit Velocity: 110.0 MPH
  • Result: Home Run

1. Willson Contreras – 4/10 vs LAD

  • Exit Velocity: 111.3 MPH
  • Result: Single

*batted ball data via

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Corey is a former MLB front office intern turned professional Cubs fan. After spending several years working for multiple MLB teams, he decided it was time to turn baseball back into a passion rather than a career. In between making content for Cubs Insider and being a professional Instagrammer, you can find him in Section 220, blissfully enjoying the season tickets he and his father spent 10 years on the waiting list for.

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